by: River Stone Games, April 2021.



Carestia is a game that mixes logical thinking to solve puzzles and precise action battles in a 2D side scrolling platformer. The game uses pixel art, bringing back to memory classic games, has metroidvania elements and modern platformers, making a good mix of old and new.

You play as a soldier that has to recover an energy source to keep your artificial planet running. Planet Earth has became an hostile place for humans since AI took over.


Development history:

In 2017, two friends that went to college together decided to work together in a new game project. Both already had some experience developing games, but they always worked in a lone wolf style.

After some discussion about the game theme, they opted to mix two genres that both enjoyed: action platformers and puzzle games that used interactable objects.

Quite a few prototypes were made until the final gameplay of Carestia was set. At the early versions, maps weren't interconnected and it was a lot more focused on puzzles.

Three years, a pandemic, a demo, and a closed-beta later, the game has finally been released on Steam and is now available for download.


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Which software was used for the pixel art?
Which engine the game uses?
Game Maker Studio 2
May content creators monetize their videos with Carestia gameplay footage?
Yes, both videos and live streams, that includes Let's Play, Speed Runs, Reviews, Tutorials and Walkthroughs. You are also allowed to use Sprites and Logos of the game on your content and thumbnails. We reserve the right to remove any content related to Carestia that we see as racist, sexist, or offensive.